Flotsam and jetsome (6/17)

N.T. Wright disusses what it means to be an “image bearer” in this video for Biologos.

James McGrath discusses J.D.G. Dunn’s new book Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

Scot McKnight shares some thoughts on William P. Brown’s book The Seven Pillars of Creation.

– Nijay Gupta shares some visual aids he has found for teaching through books of the Bible.

– The Gospel Coalition has some book reviews and author interviews you may want to check out here.

– It is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the journal Modern Theology.

– France plays Mexico today in the World Cup. I need everyone to repeat after me: Vive la France! Allez les Bleus!


About Brian LePort

Religious Studies Instructor at TMI Episcopal (San Antonio, TX). PhD in Religion and Theology from the University of Bristol (Bristol, UK). Married to Miranda Perez. Human to a Cocker Spaniel named Frida. Fan of the San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants, and Golden State Warriors.

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