Imaginary Jesus in the paper

I’ve commented before about Matt Mikalatos’ book Imaginary Jesus (see here and here). The local newspaper here now has a nice article about Matt and the process that he went through in writing the book. The article is very well done, and it’s good to see a Christian author getting some well-deserved attention around here.

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  1. I thought it was funny how they left the name of the cafe out of the article with all the bad publicity that Red and Black cafe has been getting lately. Just an interesting insiders perspective on that. I also wonder what Matt thinks about having his book and Red and Black cafe linked now?

    • If you’re not familiar with what Andrew is referring to, one of the owners of the Red and Black cafe recently caused a bit of an uproar when he asked a uniformed police officer to leave the cafe. You can read about it here.

  2. Wow, I had not heard about this story. I have never gone into the cafe; I sure won’t now. If I were a crook that would be the first cash register I would go after!

  3. You’ll notice that the author of the article about Imaginary Jesus is also the woman who was at the cafe and saw the police officer incident. She went to the cafe with her daughter because of the book (her daughter is vegetarian, had read the book and thought they should try it out).

    Honestly, having been to the cafe, I don’t think it’s a big surprise or should be shocking to anyone. I mean… the cafe is run by communists. Anarchists hang out there. And they were very polite when they asked the officer to leave, and they did give him coffee. I think those two facts are more shocking than asking the officer to leave.

    That’s part of the reason I chose the cafe for the book, anyway… it’s a place where you feel like things might happen that are outside the expected. And I don’t think boycotting the cafe is going to do much, since most people who would boycott it have never been to it in the first place… I think it would be better to go give it some business and get to know the workers and clientele there and have an effect on them through our presence.

    And, for a bit of newspaper insider knowledge… because the story was in the Sunday paper, it was already “put to bed” by the time the Red and Black thing exploded, or I’m sure it would have been included by name… it simply wasn’t worth the time and effort for them to get in there and re-write the article and redo the layout. 🙂

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