Christological Development from 451 to 681

Here is the next installment from our Greek Father’s class.  In this paper Justin Cardinal takes a look at the development of theology and the debates that caused the church to hammer out their beliefs.  Let us know what you think.

Following our introduction to the Christology of Cyril, Maximus, and John of Damascus, I was intrigued with the interaction that ensued between the various counsels of that time period and the doctrines of Monophysitism, Monoenergism, and Monothelitism. My main concern in this paper was not to define in detail the theological understanding of the heresies or the orthodox position on the natures, wills, and energies of Christ but to trace the main historical events that the debates concerning these arose out of. While I believe that the debates were necessary to define orthodoxy I have concluded that much of the fuel for them arose out of emperors interfering in church doctrine and the church feeling compelled to defend past councils. Councils then did not seek to correct past definitions of orthodoxy but to affirm and add to them. While this is necessary the manner in which this took place led to centuries of conflict.

Cardinal – Monothelitism paper

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