Interview with Driscoll on “Doctrine”

Justin Taylor has an interesting interview with Mark Driscoll over at Between Two Worlds. The interview focuses on the new book that he has co-authored with Gerry Breshears, Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe. I’m planning to post on the book sometime this summer (I should probably read it first). The interview is particularly helpful for understanding some of the back story involved in writing the book.

The comments following the interview are also interesting. Although (unsurprisingly), some of the comments veer in some unhelpful directions, several made some interesting comments about the the rhetorical devices Mark uses to critique his opponents even when he’s not doing it overtly.


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  1. Thanks for the link to the interview. I’d be interested in reading your blog of the book. I’ll risk being divisive by continuing to use “Fundy Calvinist” JI Packer’s book, Concise Theology, however.

    Pretty amazing that he and his elders ex-communicated everyone at MH and then did a restart. Uh, wow. I don’t know of any other ecclesial body that could simply do that ex-cathedra.


    • I was a little amazed at that myself. I’m still working through the concept of church membership in my own ecclesiology, but there’s still a lot about a restart like this that doesn’t sit well with me. What does it say about belonging and being a part of the body when the leadership can set you aside and ask you to re-apply with no other reason than apparently to check your commitment?

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