Understanding bias

Here’s a great song on the different kinds of bias and how they impact our thinking. If you’ve got time to be self-reflective, it would be interesting to think for a while on each of these and where you see them at work in your theological thinking.The one that jumped out at me because I see it all the time in my church history survey class is anchoring bias: “I’m biased because of a small detail that throws off the big picture of the thing.” I don’t know how much time I have to spend on the middle ages convincing students that just because some theologian said one thing they don’t like we don’t have to throw out their theology entirely.

What about you? Any biases lurking up your sleeves?

About Marc Cortez

Theology Prof and Dean at Western Seminary, husband, father, & blogger, who loves theology, church history, ministry, pop culture, books, and life in general.

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